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Opportunites: China has 1) Enhanced position in the world; 2) International environment (from Beijing Olympics to Shanghai World Expo); 3) Biggest population; 4) Stable society; 5) Inceasing purchasing power; 6) An emerging market; 7) Rapidest development; 8) Supportive policy to foreign direct investment; 9) Cheap labor cost; 10) Hard-working Chinese; and 11) Talented Chinese overseas flowing back.

Challenges: 1) Long-distance; 2) Unfamiliar environment; 3) Language problem; 4) Cultural difference; 5) Intellectual property infringement; 6) Changeable laws, rules and regulations; 7) resource constraint; 8) Updated knowledge; 9) Proper human resource; and 10) Network

Facts: If you work on your own to move away all the barriers of entry, it will take you a lot of time and energy and the final result may not take you to get there. From the experience of some Finnish companies, which used to have presence in China's market, had to close down their business, becasue all the chanllenges in China were unexpected and then in the end, many things turned to be out of control.

Solutions: SilkkiLu's events/seminars can update your knowledge about China and expand your business network. SilkkiLu's services can save your time and resources of searching, planning and analyzing. SilkkiLu's advice can help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes in decision-making, therefore, cost can be cut off. Why not contact SilkkiLu to tell about your needs? We are at your request! You are also warmly welcomed to discuss with us while you visit the public activities organized by SilkkiLu.


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